Windows7 & 4TB HDD. (윈도우7 & 4테라바이트 하드디스크 드라이브) —

windows7-64bit is very stable and doesn’t show any disorder with memory leakage or svchost.exe’s CPU devouring which are well known problems in XP 32bit.

It was so hard to get the system to recognize 4TB of space with seagate 4TB hdd (5400rpm).

First, I tried this job with XP-32bit and 4TB connected through external usb adapter only to fail. It sees only a 1.64TB partition even with DiskWizard.

Second, I tried this job with Windows7-64bit and external usb 4TB, again failed.

Third, I tired with XP-32bit and 4TB through motherboard SATA cable. Installed Seagate DiskWizard and it recognized 2TB and 1.64TB in separate partitions. But when I brought it to Windows7-64bit external usb, it sees only a 2TB partition.

Fourth, I bought a new external hdd adapter with the seller’s confirmation that it supports 4TB capacity. Windows7-64bit without DiskWizard found the entire 4TB(actually 3.64TB). I chose GPT and created the entire 4TB capacity in one partition. Everything is fine. But XP-32bit will not be able to see this partition without the help of special util, anyway.

Operating System support of GPT:

You can find the compatibility table with various OS – BIOS or UEFI combinations. Even with BIOS, if u don’t use 4TB as a boot disk, it’s fine.

BIOS/UEFI check with your PC: Open “C:\windows\panther\setupac.log” and find the string “Callback_BootEnvironmentDetect”, and it will show you “Detected boot environment: BIOS” or “UEFI”.

Compatibility with XP-32bit : Once you partition with GPT not MBR, there’s no way for XP-32bit to recognize your partition without the special util. But if you partition 4TB with MBR by giving 2 partitions each of which is less than 2TB, xp can read it with the help of diskwizard’s virtual hdd driver. But in my case, one of 2 partitions made in XP-32bit with diskwizard didn’t get discovered by windows 7-64bit. Windows 7 found it but as unpartitioned. That is, data from XP are not recognizable by windows 7. Moreover, Windows7-64 couldn’t add or validate that unformatted partition. So I had to re-partition the whole 3.64TB with GPT again to make it use in windows7-64. —